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1. What's New

  • When will DropTime be available?
    DropTime is now available!

2. Licensing and Pricing

  • I am new to WorkSchedule.Net / DropTime? How do I get started?
    If you don't have an account yet we can set you up with one.  Just email sales@droptime.net with your contact info (your name, your company name, and phone) and we will get an account started for you.
  • What is the pricing for DropTime?
    Please contact sales@droptime.net for pricing information.
  • What constitutes a “user” for licensing purposes?
    A user is any person who accesses the DropTime service in any way. Each user should have their own user account in DropTime. Some companies have user accounts with no one accessing the system via that account (EX: external customers are sometimes setup as users but do not login). User accounts that do not allow logging in (“non-registered” accounts) no longer require user licenses. That’s because they are not associated with any real user.  DropTime will not allow adding more registered user accounts than the number of user licenses you have purchased. However there is no specific limit on how many non-registered user accounts you can add.
  • How does licensing work in DropTime?
    You will still need the two types of licenses: a single company account license for your company account, plus a user license for each user who will access the system. The requirement to purchase a minimum of 20 user licenses has been dropped to just a minimum of just one. You also will no longer need user licenses for users who do not have access to login (see the question "WHAT CONSTITUTES A USER FOR LICENSING PURPOSES?" for more on this).